Criminal Defense Attorney

Why Choose Us

Your criminal case isn’t just about the law–it’s about your life. We understand the trust you place in our office when you choose Henry Fasoldt to represent you. Here are some of the reasons our clients find us worthy of that trust.

Skill: You need to be able to have confidence that your attorney can do what you hired him to do: achieve a dismissal or acquittal if possible, and minimize penalties where necessary. Henry has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases, including dozens of trials before a jury. Perhaps most important, he has excellent acquittal record for that cases that actually make it to trial.

Responsiveness: When you’re facing criminal charges, you have lots of questions, and lots of concerns. We know that your case is always on your mind, impacting every aspect of your life. You need someone who understands and is willing to listen.  We strive to respond quickly and completely to your questions, whenever you contact us.

Honesty: When you are facing a difficult situation like a criminal case, you need an attorney who can be honest with you about what’s ahead. Henry Fasoldt is straightforward, but also compassionate. He will tell you what you need to know in a way that empowers you.

Experience: Henry Fasoldt will defend his clients on charges of any crime, in any court in Massachusetts, anywhere in the state. He has appeared in virtually every court in Massachusetts, whether District, Superior, Juvenile or Federal. He is familiar with the practices of the various criminal courts, so he can help his clients understand what to expect during an often stressful process.

Focus and Dedication: When your freedom and future are at stake, you don’t want to trust them to someone who only dabbles in criminal defense. Criminal defense law is Henry Fasoldt’s entire practice, and has been from the very beginning of his career.

What Henry’s Clients Have to Say: 


I highly recommend Henry Fasoldt for anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer. When you are going through a highly stressful situation (like I was), you need someone like Henry who is calm and well-informed. He responded to my phone calls and emails very promptly, was always willing to meet at a time convenient for me, and explained complicated legal jargon in an understandable way.

His skills and confidence during hearings and the trial were very impressive and allowed me to rest a little easier at night.

Most importantly, because of the time and dedication Henry devoted to my case, I was cleared of any wrongdoing!

 – Responsive, well-informed, dedicated and victorious
Criminal Defense Client, 2012

Henry is an excellent attorney. He is knowledgeable, approachable, detail-oriented, thorough, and cares for your case as if it were his own. He is a superb litigator who was excellent during cross-examination of all witnesses. Thanks for the outstanding job on my case and if you hire Henry, rest assured that he will fight for you to the finish!!

 – Superb, detail-oriented litigator
DUI Client, 2011

I cannot express the gratitude I have for you. I don't know where to begin: it's been a long 15 months for both of us. You have given me back my life I can now see a future for me an most important I can now see m son's and and grand baby any time I want.

Throughout this entire process you have been outstanding to work with. From your knowledge of DUI law to your follow-up on court procedures. The process is a long process but throughout the process you have given me hope. You have told me what the process will be and always followed up on what you said you would do. When I called you always called me back and gave me an answer to my questions no matter how small of a question it was. I can't say enough about your knowledge of the law but you are on top of your game when it comes to defending a person with a DUI charge...

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