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Gun Crimes

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. If you are caught in possession of a firearm, outside of your home or business and you do not have a license to carry the gun, you face a mandatory-minimum sentence of 18 months in jail… Read More

College Criminal Defense

College students often get in trouble with the law. Whether it be a fight, being a minor in possession of alcohol, or something more serious, being charged with a crime can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. When faced with the realitie… Read More

University Sexual Assault Investigations and Prosecutions Under Title IX

Part of the Education Amendments passed in 1972, Title IX is a federal law that was designed to protect individual from being discriminated against on the basis of gender. The amount of Title IX investigations and prosecutions has increased significa… Read More

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested for Trafficking, Distribution, Possession with Intent to Distribute, or simple Possession of drugs, you may be facing very serious penalties. Convictions for drug crimes, especially trafficking, carry stiff sentences. In add… Read More

Criminal Defense

Cambridge Criminal Court Questions - I was arrested in Cambridge, where is the Court? The Cambridge District Court is located at 4040 Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford, MA. Wait, what?! Why is the court in Medford? Read More

Sex Crimes

Being charged with a crime in Massachusetts can affect your reputation and your standing in the community. Being charged with a sex crime, particularly one involving a minor, is still more damaging. And being convicted of a sex crime will follow you,… Read More

Dissemination of Obscene Material

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is considered unlawful to distribute material that is considered to be obscene. Applicable Massachusetts Law There are several elements that must be established in order for a charge concerning dissemination o… Read More

Cyber Crime Defense

The internet is revolutionary form of technology that has profoundly impacted business and communication over the last several decades. Cyber crime, however, has become increasingly prevalent. The Bureau of Justice’s most recent statistics reveal t… Read More

Child Pornography Defense

Being accused of an offense involving child pornography causes individuals shame, fear, and humiliation. The laws against child porn – state and federal – are strict. The consequences of convictions for child porn are serious – jail, probation,… Read More

Domestic Related Crimes

What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is a scourge that can tear apart families and destroy lives. Massachusetts defines domestic violence as “any criminal act that involves physical, sexual, or psychological abuse within an intimate or fami… Read More

Child Enticement Defense

Many individuals used to think of child enticement as the act of luring a child into either a motor vehicle or even a secluded area. The introduction of computers and other types of technology, have greatly reshaped the environment in which child ent… Read More

Motor Vehicle Crimes

What is a Motor Vehicle Crime? When most people think of motor vehicle crimes, they tend to think of OUI/DUI. While driving under the influence is perhaps the best known motor vehicle crime in Massachusetts and elsewhere, it’s far from the only one… Read More


Attorney Henry Fasoldt enjoys representing people. His clients come from various backgrounds – incomprehensibly wealthy, exceptionally wealthy, well off, middle class, lower middle class, lower class, destitute, and chronically homeless. His client… Read More

Property Crimes

Property Crimes are Serious Business Property crimes involve damage to or loss of property, whether through theft or destruction. They are regarded with increasing concern in Massachusetts. Far from being victimless crimes, they negatively affect the… Read More

Federal Crimes

The expression “Don’t make a federal case out of it” is understood to mean, “it’s not a big deal.” If you have an actual federal case against you, however, you have a new understanding of the expression, because being charged with a feder… Read More

Federal Child Enticement Charges

Individuals who are arrested or charged with the federal crime of enticement of a minor face profound and life changing consequences if convicted of an offense. Individuals in these types of situations frequently require the assistance of a skilled a… Read More

The Federal Charge of Sexual Exploitation of Children

Each year, a number of individuals face child pornography and sexual exploitation of children charges in federal courts throughout the United States. In a number of situations, individuals have either been arrested or subject to search warrants by la… Read More

Unlawfully Obtaining Information from Protected Computer

There are several applicable federal laws that are used to initiate charges against individuals who have committed various types of computer fraud. Because the potential consequences of these charges are particularly serious, individuals faced with t… Read More

Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is a particularly serious charge that occurs when an individual uses the internet or any type of wire transmission to defraud another individual. Individuals who are charged with wire fraud must understand that this offense carries serious… Read More

Federal Charges of Computer Fraud

For individuals who are charged with federal violations of computer fraud, it is often essential to both quickly retain the services of a skilled attorney as well understand exactly how these types of charges are made. Applicable Federal Law Concerni… Read More

Clerk Magistrate Hearings

What Is a Clerk Magistrate Hearing? In Massachusetts, police may request the court to charge a person with a crime, though they have not made an arrest. The police file an application for a criminal charge with the Clerk Magistrate of the district co… Read More

Record Sealing

Everyone has made mistakes in life. If you’re lucky, the consequences are minor and quickly resolved. Some mistakes, though, carry consequences that can affect you deeply, maybe for the rest of your life. If you’ve made a mistake that resulted in… Read More


What constitutes DUI in Massachusetts? Perhaps more than any other crime, Operating Under the Influence (OUI), also known as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is something that can happen to anyone. While a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 is… Read More

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Court is Not Child’s Play In Massachusetts, children as young as six years of age who are charged with criminal offenses are tried in Juvenile Court. If your child has been charged with a crime in a Massachusetts Juvenile Court, you are pr… Read More

Violent Crimes

Massachusetts reserves its very harshest punishment for crimes involving violence. These crimes, by definition, involve a victim, and the harm to the victim is often severe. When people say that they want prosecutors to be “tough on crime,” viole… Read More