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Trafficking in Firearm, Possession of Firearm - Motion to Suppress Allowed - Case Dismissed

FA, a troubled young woman with a significant history of court involvement, became romantically involved with an employee of one of the courthouses. As their relationship progressed, the employee gave FA a gun; he wanted her to be able to protect her… Read More
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RICO and Murder - Federal Court - Client avoids life sentence

Following a four-week trial in federal court, LSV, a 29-year-old mechanic, was convicted of RICO and Murder. The jury found that LSV was a member of a notorious and violent international criminal organization. The jury also found that he was personal… Read More
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Illegal Re-Entry - Federal Court - 90-day sentence, concurrent with State Prison sentence

JD, a 40-year-old laborer, was charged in federal court with entering the United States illegally after having been previously deported or denied entry, under 8 U.S.C. 1326. Months before his federal court charge, JD had been charged with a state cou… Read More
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Trafficking Heroin and Cocaine, Possession of a Firearm - Not Guilty

Acting on a tip, local police went to a hotel looking for a male fugitive named “John.” The police had an arrest warrant for John from an unrelated case. Breaking down the door in the middle of the night, the police descended upon room 23… Read More
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Minor in Possession of Alcohol - Clerk's Hearing - No Complaint Issued

SC, a 19-year-old college student, was stopped by police in a parking lot. In his hands was a 12-pack of beer. The police officer asked to see his identification. SC handed his driver’s license to the officer. The officer, noting SC’s age… Read More
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Larceny of Prescription Drugs - Dismissed

MB, a 42-year-old disabled man, was accused of stealing prescription medication from his neighbor in an apartment building. MB and the neighbor, a disabled woman, had a long history of disputes. In fact, the neighbor was known to local police for fre… Read More
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Assault on Family/Household Member - Dismissed

JZ, a 45-year-old computer programmer, was charged with “assaulting” his wife. Under Massachusetts law, “Assault” can be proven in two ways: 1) An attempt to use some degree of physical force on another person, without the oth… Read More
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Home Invasion, Armed Assault in Dwelling House - Dismissed

A man (SC) stole $10,000 from a drug dealer (DD). The drug dealer believed that CS was keeping the money at his house in a safe. One night, DD recruited three guys (G1, G2, G3) to help him retrieve his money. Armed with baseball bats and masks, DD an… Read More
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Leaving the Scene of Property Damage - Clerk's Hearing - No Complaint Issued

While driving on a busy rotary, LJ, a 60-year-old engineer, rear-ended another vehicle. Both vehicles pulled to the side of the road. The driver of the other car approached LJ. The driver was aggressive – he cursed and insulted LJ. LJ felt fear… Read More
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Armed Robbery (Bank) - Dismissed

RR, a 30-year-old inmate at the State Prison, was charged with robbing a bank (the incident occurred three years prior). According to the prosecutor’s office, RR had robbed three banks in 2014, but had only been prosecuted for two. This was not… Read More
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