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Home Invasion, Armed Assault in Dwelling House – Dismissed

A man (SC) stole $10,000 from a drug dealer (DD). The drug dealer believed that CS was keeping the money at his house in a safe. One night, DD recruited three guys (G1, G2, G3) to help him retrieve his money. Armed with baseball bats and masks, DD and the Gs drove to CS’ house. They […]

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Leaving the Scene of Property Damage – Clerk’s Hearing – No Complaint Issued

While driving on a busy rotary, LJ, a 60-year-old engineer, rear-ended another vehicle. Both vehicles pulled to the side of the road. The driver of the other car approached LJ. The driver was aggressive – he cursed and insulted LJ. LJ felt fearful, so he drove away. One week later LJ received a summons to appear […]

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Armed Robbery (Bank) – Dismissed

RR, a 30-year-old inmate at the State Prison, was charged with robbing a bank (the incident occurred three years prior). According to the prosecutor’s office, RR had robbed three banks in 2014, but had only been prosecuted for two. This was not true. In fact, RR had been prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office for […]

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Assault w/ Intent to Murder, Assault and Battery w/ a Dangerous Weapon (minivan) – Not Guilty (both counts)

DW, a 39-year-old machine technician, was accused of intentionally hitting his boss with a car. Based on the incident, the government charged DW with Assault a with Intent to Murder and Assault and Battery w/ a Dangerous Weapon (ABDW). Here is what happened: DW worked for a company that services point-of-sale machines, such as ATMs […]

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Manufacturing Methamphetamine – Motion to Suppress Allowed – Dismissed

After receiving a complaint from a neighbor that a “foul, chemical odor” was emitting from a specific apartment in an apartment building, local police investigated. The neighbor said that the odor was so pungent that a tenant of the building had been forced to sleep elsewhere, due to headaches and other ill effects. Upon arriving at […]

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Domestic Assault and Battery – Pretrial Probation – Dismissed

LQ, a 53-year-old, bioengineer, and his wife had a fight. LQ called the police. When the police arrived, his wife alleged that he punched her in the head multiple times. The police noticed red marks on her neck and face. According to the police, LQ admitted twice to hitting her. LQ disputed that. He claimed […]

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Leaving the Scene of Property Damage – Pretrial Probation – Dismissed

As she was pulling out of a parking space, ED, a 42-year-old executive, backed her SUV into another car. The other car’s side mirror was knocked off, there were significant dents and scrapes on the door, and the owner happened to be sitting in the car at the time. He recorded her license plate and […]

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Human Trafficking – Superior Court – Dismissed

PG, a 22-year-old woman, was charged with Trafficking in Persons for Sexual Servitude.  Over many months, a multi-department task force investigated a prostitution ring. The investigation revealed that a male pimp (MP) traveled up and down the east coast with various women, some under 18 years old. Staying in each city for a day or […]

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Attaching Wrong Motor Vehicle Plates (2x) – No Complaint Issued – No entry on criminal record

Driving in their new car, a young married couple was pulled over. The officer stopped them because the license plate on the car did not match the plate to which the car was registered. The couple had purchased the vehicle less than one week prior. Having misplaced the new license plates, the husband attached license […]

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Assault and Battery on Person 60 years or Older, Assault and Battery – Dismissed

JJ, his brother, and their mother had a big family fight. JJ and brother punched each other. Mother said that JJ grabbed her violently and punched her in the arm. Mother obtained a restraining order against JJ. JJ maintained that he did not abuse his mother; he said that his mother accused him of abuse […]

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