Vandalism, Attempted Breaking and Entering -- Quincy District Court

Outcome: Pretrial Probation, Case to be Dismissed, No Admission

Description: Mr. M, a 21-year-old skateboarder, was intoxicated and looking to go to a specific house party. Unfortunately, he went to the wrong house. In his stupor, he broke a porch light and tried to open the door to the house. The owner called police, came outside, and held Mr. M on the ground. Mr. M was unaware of what he had done. It was clear that Mr. M had issues with alcohol. As part of his conditions of release he was required to attend AA meetings everyday. Mr. M showed a lot of remorse and made it clear that he wanted to pay back the value of the light that was damaged. The prosecutor recognized that Mr. M's issue was not one of criminality but one of alcoholism. She agreed to place Mr. M on pretrial probation for one year with the conditions that he remain alcohol-free and pay restitution to the owner of the home.