Trafficking in Cocaine Over 100 Grams, Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin, Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin - Superior Court - Dismissed, all counts

After two years of litigation, all charges against AA were dismissed.

He and his two brothers were charged with multiple drug dealing offenses following a police raid on their home.

AA's older brother, RN, was the target of a drug trafficking investigation. AA was not the target. After the detectives conducted three "controlled buys" of heroin from RN (using confidential informants), a search warrant was obtained. The regional drug task force raided the home at 6:00am. AA was home during the raid. He shared a room with RN. Their older brother lived there too, along with their parents.

The police recovered large amounts of cocaine and heroin along with evidence consistent with drug dealing - scales, ledgers, cell phones, cutting agents, etc.

The three brothers were all charged as joint venturers in the drug dealing operation. If convicted, AA faced a mandatory-minimum sentence of eight (8) years in prison.

Attorney Henry Fasoldt filed several pre-trial motions, none of which resulted in the suppression or exclusion of evidence; however, the motion hearings did produce exceptional insight into the task force's investigation. Moreover, Henry and his investigator interviewed witnesses who were helpful to AA's case. AA maintained that he had nothing to do with drug dealing.

After lengthy negotiations with the prosecutors, they decided that the evidence against AA was not strong enough to continue.