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Representative Cases

Assault and Battery–Malden District Court

Outcome: Dismissed Description: Client was accused of punching and scratching ex-fiance. Case was dismissed upon “Accord and Satisfaction.”

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OUI-1st Offense–Plymouth District Court

Outcome: Dismissed Description: Case dismissed after client had been in default for 22 years.

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OUI-1st Offense, Breath Test .10–Westborough District Court

Outcome: Not Guilty Description: Client was stopped at roadblock. She passed all FSTs, but was arrested after failing the PBT. She then made the mistake of taking the evidential breath test in the BATMOBILE; she blew a .10. Jury waived trial w/ expert witness–Not Guilty.

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OUI-Drugs–Worcester District Court

Outcome: Dismissed Description: Client was stopped on I-190 for weaving. Cocaine, tinfoil, and smoking device were found in plain view. Client made statements that she had just “cooked up a bag.” Statements were suppressed as violative of Miranda. DRE conducted at barracks; that was supressed as well. Case dismissed after Statements and Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) suppressed.

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Chemical Test Refusal Appeal of RMV’s Decision Granted

Outcome: RMV’s decision reversed Description: RMV’s decision overturned by District Court in case where the client was deemed to have “refused” the breath test. After proving to the District Court judge that client had tried 4 times to provied a valid breath sample, but was unable to, due to an injury sustained in a car accident, the […]

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