Furnishing Alcohol to Minor - Clerk Magistrate's Hearing - No Complaint Issued

After numerous neighbor complaints, the police broke up a noisy late-night college party. According to the officers there were approximately 20 people drinking alcohol and dancing to loud music. The problem was that some of the partygoers were under 21. The 4 residents of the apartment were given citations for "Furnishing Alcohol to Minors." One young man, CMC, hired Henry. CMC had never been in trouble before. He was a good student with a bright future. His main concern was how this charge would appear on his record. Essentially, he did not want this incident to follow him around for the rest of his professional life. The law in Massachusetts requires only that a person "allow someone to possess an alcoholic beverage on property that is controlled by [that person]." In other words, the defendant does not need to actually know that the drinker of the alcohol is actually under 21. In preparation for the hearing Henry directed CMC to gather documents that show his student status and highlight his academic record. At the hearing Henry presented this to the Clerk-Magistrate. In addition, the police officer told the Clerk that CMC (and the other guys) had been polite and respectful. The clerk decided not to issue the complaint. If you or your child has been charged or cited for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor or Minor in Possession of Alcohol, call Attorney Henry Fasoldt. He frequently represents young people charged with these offenses. Note: it is important to know that if you or your child received a citation, you MUST sign the back of it and submit it to the Clerk's Office within 4 days.