Child Enticement - Not Guilty

JRL was accused of Enticement of a Child after chatting online with a 15-year-old female. The problem with this charge was that it was not true.

The young female contacted JRL in a chat room online. She asked him to pick her up from her "nephew's school," she asked him to have sex with her, and she insisted that he drive her to Boston. Upon getting into his car she told him that she was 18. Later, during an interview with law enforcement, she told the interviewers that she "played him for a fool."

Boston Defense Attorney Henry Fasoldt and JRL knew that this was a dubious charge. Unfortunately, the prosecutors could not/would not dismiss the case. Therefore, JRL decided to go to trial. He elected to have a trial before a judge. He was found Not Guilty.

Note: this charge arose out of the same case as the Indecent Assault and Battery described below