Breaking and Entering at Night w/ Intent to Commit Felony, Larceny over $250 (2 counts): Cambridge Juvenile Court - Dismissed

Outcome: Dismissed, all counts:

A local business was broken into in the winter. Money was taken from the register. Likewise, jewelry from the owner's purse was stolen. JRM, a local high school student, and his friend were charged with "breaking and entering" and larceny. The friend was related to the business owner. My client was never questioned by the police; he was charged only after he told the daughter of the business owner that he had been "hanging out with 'so-and-so' last night." From the outset, Boston Breaking and Entering attorney Henry Fasoldt knew the evidence was thin; however, the prosecutors would not dismiss the case. Therefore, Henry scheduled the case for a trial. Not surprisingly, the case was dismissed on the trial date as the necessary witnesses did not show up.