What is CORI? What is a BOP?

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record Information. BOP stands for Board of Probation record. The terms are synonymous and used interchangeably.

Though neither term is official, they are both commonly used to refer to a person’s criminal records in Massachusetts. The records are maintained and updated each time an accused person appears in court. Also, CORI is also updated when a person charged fails to appear in court. In that instance the CORI will show that the person is in default.

If your employer, or prospective employer, investigates your background, they will almost certainly conduct a CORI check. The CORI will reveal any "open" cases. Depending on the investigator's level of access, your older "closed" cases may be visible.

In Massachusetts, a recently restructured agency, the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), oversees the maintenance and dissemination of CORI records. State law requires that access to CORI be strictly limited. In the past decade there have been major developments in the law governing the use of CORI in Massachusetts, and, perhaps most importantly, how people with CORI can have their records sealed. The CJIS website contains useful information about record sealing.

Unfortunately, some records contain inaccurate information. If this is the case, you may submit a request to change that information to CJIS.

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