Trafficking Heroin and Cocaine, Possession of a Firearm - Not Guilty

Acting on a tip, local police went to a hotel looking for a male fugitive named "John." The police had an arrest warrant for John from an unrelated case. Breaking down the door in the middle of the night, the police descended upon room 235. John was in the room, along with over 100 grams of heroin and over 100 grams of cocaine. There was also a pistol under the mattress. FA, a 28-year-old woman, was in the hotel room with John.

The police knew FA from multiple incidents in the past. A police detective took FA outside and told her that she would not be charged if she agreed to cooperate against John. She declined the offer. FA was charged with Trafficking over 100 grams of Heroin (8-year mandatory minimum), Trafficking over 100 grams of Cocaine (8-year mandatory minimum), and Possession of a Firearm (18-month mandatory minimum).

Two years later, after two attorney changes, Henry agreed to take the case. FA was a troubled young woman with a significant history of abuse; she distrusted most people, especially attorneys.

The prosecutors said that, if FA pleaded guilty, they would agree to amend the charges and allow FA to be on probation with no jail time. After lengthy discussions but with some reservations, FA elected to have a jury trial. She made the right decision - she was found not guilty of all charges.