Record Sealed - District Court

In October, 2011, SC, a 43-year-old teacher, was arrested for Operating Under the Influence (OUI). Her case was resolved by a Continued Without a Finding (CWOF); she was placed on probation for one year, fined, and required to complete an alcohol education program. As in all cases resolved by CWOF, SC's case was "dismissed" after she completed her probation. Attorney Henry Fasoldt represented her in that case.

Though the case was dismissed, its existence still remained on her Massachusetts Record - aka, CORI (criminal offender record information). SC called Henry and explained the situation. Although she had successfully completed probation, she was concerned about the negative perceptions of the OUI on her record. The mere presence of the case on her CORI compromised her job.

Henry represented SC in the record sealing process. After two hearings SC's record was sealed.