Rape (2 counts), Strangulation, Witness Intimidation, Assault and Battery w/ Dangerous Weapon (lamp) - Superior Court - Dismissed

JG, a 48-year-old construction worker, met an age-appropriate woman online. After a few dates JG and the woman decided to go to a motel. Staying at the motel for two nights, they drank copious amounts of alcohol (and ingested drugs). Next, they went to a different motel where the same behavior was repeated. They also went to one particular restaurant several times. On the fourth day JG and the woman returned to JG's home. JG's parents told them to leave; in fact, the parents called the police in order to have them escorted away from the property. JG and the woman were dropped off at a third motel. At this point the woman called her friends and asked them to pick her up.

Later that night the woman went to a local hospital out of concern of being pregnant and/or having contracted an STD. She arrived at the hotel in hysterics - inebriated and volatile. The police were called, she told the officer that JG had beat her. She denied being sexually assaulted. A more thorough investigation began. The police detectives formed the opinion that JG had done the following - held the woman against her will, beat her up, strangled her on the bathroom floor, destroyed her phone, prevented her from calling or texting her friends, and raped her twice (anally and vaginally). JG was arrested, charged with the very serious crimes of Rape, ABDW, Strangulation, and Witness Intimidation. He was held without bail.

JG hired attorney Henry Fasoldt. Henry began his own investigation. Luckily, JG's previous attorneys had done an excellent job of interviewing witnesses right away and preserving crucial evidence. Henry's investigation revealed the following - that during their stays at the various motels the woman had many opportunities to leave, that she in fact left the motel on one occasion to get cigarettes, that she had not reported any sort of sexual misdeeds to the police until one month after the incident, that she refused a "sexual assault evidence collection kit" at the hospital, that many of the motel and restaurant employees remembered her yelling and cursing, that she called and texted her friends multiple times with JG's phone, that she accompanied JG (in taxis) to various liquor stores and restaurants, amongst other helpful tidbits.

The case was made more serious due to JG's lousy criminal record.

After fighting the case for 18 months (15 of which JG spent in jail) the case was dismissed.