Prostitution - Dismissed

In 1980 JJ worked as a prostitute in Boston’s Combat Zone. She was 16-years-old. This line of work was preferable when compared to the abuse she suffered at home. After years of beatings (and worse) from her Stepfather, she chose to run away. Though she did not do so alone; she had the assistance of a pimp. The pimp brought her to Boston, and JJ “worked” for him. One February night, she was stopped and cited for prostitution by the Boston Police. JJ gave the police a fake name and a phony date of birth. The BPD gave her a summons to appear in court. She never showed. She slowly improved her life; she got off the street, got married, became a nurse, and had children. She was never arrested again. In November, 2015, JJ applied for a License to Carry a Firearm at her local police station. After taking her fingerprints, the local police determined that there was an outstanding warrant for someone matching the pseudonym that she gave to police 35 years ago. JJ did not understand. Truly, she had forgotten the incident. Thirty-five years had elapsed. It only dawned on her after several moments had passed. JJ was frightened. She feared that she would go to jail and that her professional status might be compromised. She decided to hire Attorney Henry Fasoldt. Henry began by going to the court and obtaining the old file. It was housed in the archive building. Though it took some time to locate, the file was still intact. Henry drafted a letter on behalf of JJ, explaining the situation. Next, Henry and JJ went to court. The warrant was withdrawn. The prosecutor read the letter, and immediately understood the situation. After determining that JJ had no additional record, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case. The Judge felt the same way; he dismissed the case before either of us even spoke. If you or a loved one has an old warrant, call Attorney Henry Fasoldt. He has experience helping people clear up old brushes with the law.