Boston Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Massachusetts reserves its very harshest punishment for crimes involving violence. These crimes, by definition, involve a victim, and the harm to the victim is often severe. When people say that they want prosecutors to be “tough on crime,” violent crimes are what they are thinking of.

Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial

In order for our justice system to be truly just, however, every defendant must be given a fair trial--even, or especially, for violent crimes. If you have been charged with a violent crime in Boston or elsewhere in Massachusetts, attorney Henry Fasoldt is committed to making sure that you receive one.

Boston violent crimes attorney Henry Fasoldt offers representation to clients charged with a variety of violent crimes, including:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Assault with intent to murder (AWIM)
  • Assault and battery
  • Assault and battery with a deadly weapon (ABDW)
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Home invasion
  • Armed robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Domestic violence
  • Mayhem

Pursuing the Truth

In a criminal trial, as in life, everything is not always as it seems. Juries have been trained by television shows to believe that physical evidence is unassailable. Witnesses may think that they’re telling the truth, when in fact their observations were incorrect or their memories are faulty. Some witnesses have motivation to be less than truthful, and tell convincing lies.

Sometimes what appeared to be a violent crime was in reality a case of self-defense. Sometimes the crime is real, but the wrong person is apprehended.

Boston criminal defense attorney Henry Fasoldt does not accept a case at face value. He delves beneath the surface, looking for flaws in forensic evidence, inconsistencies in witness accounts, exploring alternative theories. His practice of thorough investigation is one reason for his excellent record in the multitude of violent crime cases he has defended.

The Stakes are High--Bet on the Right Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime in Massachusetts, you know that your liberty, your job, and your very future are at risk. This is not the time to go with an inexperienced attorney or one who does not have extensive experience in criminal law.

Henry Fasoldt has dedicated his practice to criminal law for his entire career. He has experience in virtually every court in the state of Massachusetts. Through careful investigation, negotiation, and pre-trial motions, he strives to help his clients avoid trial where possible (and when that is in their best interests). If trying a case is best for his clients, his trial preparation is thorough and his courtroom skills and record exceptional.

The charges you are facing threaten your future. Contact our office without delay to learn how defense attorney Henry Fasoldt can help you protect it.