Federal Child Enticement Charges

Individuals who are arrested or charged with the federal crime of enticement of a minor face profound and life changing consequences if convicted of an offense. Individuals in these types of situations frequently require the assistance of a skilled attorney. The most common way in which someone ends up charged with child enticement is when a law enforcement officer poses as someone who is older and has access to a minor during an online chat with the individual. In many situations, individuals who are faced with these types of federal crimes require the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Applicable Law Concerning Child Enticement

Applicable federal law states that it is against the law for an individual to attempt or to actually use the mail or any type of communication medium to knowingly coerce, entice, induce, or persuade an individual below the age of eighteen to engage in prostitution or any sexual activity or inappropriate touching with which an individual can be charged with a criminal offense. In many cases, the perceived language that is used in the online conversation. As a result, individuals are highly advised to be cautious about their behavior in these types of situations.

The Travel Element of the Crime

Even though attempted enticement of a minor is classified as a federal offense, the offense does not require that state lines be crossed. Individuals can be charged from outside the United States. In addition to enticement charges, individuals can also be charged with sexual tourism charges for visiting outside the United States to engage in prohibited sexual activity. Many times, the federal government becomes involved in these types of cases based on how severe and consequential the facts of the case are.

Attempting to Commit Child Enticement

Individuals can also be charged with attempting to commit child enticement in addition to conspiracy to entice a child. Conspiracy to entice a child charges are less common because these charges require individuals to be involved with another individual who is not secretly law enforcement. Attempt in this case involves efforts to coerce or entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. In order for a court to find a charge greater than attempt, it must demonstrated that an individual did more than got online and talked to a minor. Further complicating matters is that in some situations, individuals might only be talking to a fictitious child.

The Consequences of Such a Charge

Being charged with an offense like enticement will result in a minimum mandatory sentence of ten years in prison without parole and up to a maximum sentence of life in prison. Individuals can additionally expect to face a maximum fine of $250,000 with a period of supervised release that can last up to the course of an individual’s life.

Contact an Experienced Federal Child Enticement Defense Attorney

If you face federal child enticement charges, consider contacting a skilled criminal defense attorney like attorney Henry Fasoldt. By visiting attorney Fasoldt’s online site or calling (617) 338-0009, an individual can schedule an initial consultation and begin taking control of their case today.