Boston Drug Trafficking Attorney

If you have been arrested for Trafficking, Distribution, Possession with Intent to Distribute, or simple Possession of drugs, you may be facing very serious penalties. Convictions for drug crimes, especially trafficking, carry stiff sentences. In addition, the collateral consequences may follow you for years. These include potential loss of employment, difficulty securing new employment, restriction of freedom to travel, damage to personal relationships, and damage to your reputation.

Similarly, if you are not a citizen of the United States, a conviction for Trafficking, Distribution, or Possession with Intent to Distribute will almost certainly result in deportation.

What is the difference between Trafficking and Distribution, or Possession with Intent to Distribute? See the answer here.

Boston criminal defense lawyer Henry Fasoldt has experience in combating drug charges from a multitude of angles, both prior to and at trial. From evaluating the legality of the search and seizure that led to an arrest right down to chain-of-custody issues and determining whether the substance seized was even a drug at all, Henry leaves no stone unturned in defense of his clients.

Our firm handles all types of drug offenses. These include Trafficking of heroin, cocaine, steroids, marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycontin and other illicit substances; Distribution of drugs, and Possession of drugs. We also deal with supplemental charges, such as distributing within 300 feet of a school, a conviction for which carries an automatic two-year jail sentence in addition to the underlying sentence.

What are the various penalties associated with Trafficking? In other words, how much jail time am I facing if I am convicted of Trafficking in Heroin versus, say, Trafficking in Cocaine? See the answers here (Heroin), here (Fentanyl), here (Cocaine/Meth), and here (Marijuana).

Drug cases often begin before a dealer even knows it. In many instances, the police set up surveillance in an effort to gain evidence so that they can later obtain a search warrant. Surveillance may include the use of a confidential informant and/or "controlled buys" of drugs. Once a search warrant is obtained the police will come to your house, unannounced, enter your house, detain everyone in the house, and search the house. If they find drugs or drug contraband they will seize it. After they leave they will almost certainly not put the house back in order.

After the police raid a drug house they often charge some, or all, of the home's occupants with Trafficking. This is problematic as it exposes the people whom were merely present (or merely using drugs) to the same penalties as those whom were actually culpable for the dealing. Basically, don't hang out in drug houses.

If I am charged with a Drug crime can't we fight it with a Motion to Suppress? Yes, almost certainly. In fact, in many drug cases the Judge's decision on the Motion to Suppress determines the outcome of the entire case. What is a Motion to Suppress? See answer here.

An issue to consider in fighting a drug case is a plea bargain. In many drug cases my clients decide to plead guilty, often to a lesser-included offense. This type of situation occurs where the evidence is very strong, the chance of a conviction after trial is high, and the prosecutor offers a sentence that is less (sometimes significantly less) than the potential penalty that the client would receive after trial.

I've heard that most drug Trafficking offenses carry mandatory-minimum penalties, is that true? Yes, it is. Mandatory minimum punishments are a hot topic right now in the world of criminal justice reform; many people want to do away with them, while many other do not. Perhaps in the near future we'll see the abolishment of mandatory-minimum sentences, but for the time being they are the reality. What is a Mandatory-Minimum? See answer here.

Don’t let bad judgment, poor decision-making, or an honest mistake lead to years of burdensome consequences for you and your family. Attorney Henry Fasoldt represents individuals charged with Drug Trafficking, Distribution of Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs in courts all across Massachusetts Contact Boston Drug Trafficking attorney Henry Fasoldt immediately to review your options and begin to combat the charges against you.

Even if you think the case is hopeless there may be some issue that you haven't thought of; or, there may be some deal to worked out. It helps to be represented by an experienced Drug Trafficking Lawyer.