OUI-Drugs and Leaving the Scene - Not Guilty, both counts

GP, a 35 year-old nurse had a car accident on her way to work. The time was 8:15am. She popped her right front tire on the curb and side-swiped a parked car. A person in the car behind her called police. The caller told police that she thought that GP was "driving away." In fact, GP pulled her car over 50 feet further down the street in order to stop in a safe place.

The police arrived. GP was "acting odd." She rubbed her hands together, tilted her head from side to side and made other unusual movements with her body. In addition, she was excessively uncooperative and belligerent with the police.

The police assumed that she was under the influence of drugs. They found prescription medication in her purse. She denied taking her medication (for migraine headaches) that morning.

Due to her behavior the police arrested her and charged her with OUI-Drugs and Leaving the Scene. She hired attorney Henry Fasoldt.

Henry and GP visited the scene of the accident, took photos, and prepared for a trial. GP wanted to resolve the case right away; therefore, she and Henry decided to request a trial date immediately. Less than 60 days from the arrest date GP went to trial before a judge (she waived her right to a jury trial). The judge found her not guilty on both counts.