Leaving the Scene of Property Damage - Pretrial Probation - Dismissed

As she was pulling out of a parking space, ED, a 42-year-old executive, backed her SUV into another car. The other car's side mirror was knocked off, there were significant dents and scrapes on the door, and the owner happened to be sitting in the car at the time. He recorded her license plate and called the police.

Panicky and fearful, ED drove away. Upon arriving at home, ED called the police and confessed. The police, having already learned of her license plate number, now had ED's admission to driving.

ED was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Luckily, she had no criminal record and only a minimal driving record.

Attorney Henry Fasoldt represented ED. He was able to work out a deal for Pre-trial Probation. The terms of the agreement mandate that the case be dismissed if she: reimburses the owner of the other car for the damage done, does not get arrested for 6 months, and pays court fees of $600.