Kidnapping, Witness Intimidation, Assault and Battery, Threats -- Falmouth District Court

Outcome: Dismissed, Dismissed, CWOF, CWOF

Description: This was a case of a domestic dispute turned ugly, then getting way out-of-hand. A concerned neighbor called the police after hearing a loud screaming match. The police arrived and determined that there was no physical abuse, so they left without charging anyone with any crimes. Six days after the fight, client, a 42-year-old IT consultant, was charged with a number of crimes, including allegations of Kidnapping and Witness Intimidation - very serious felonies. It turned out that his girlfriend had gone to the police again and changed her story. She told the police that my client had held her against her will, taken her phone, beat her and threatened to kill her. My client, by this point, had gone back to his home state. We were able to bring the client back to court on his own to answer to the charges; he was then allowed to return home while the case was pending. After several months of legal wrangling, the government agreed to drop the felony charges in exchange for my client's admission to the Assault and Battery and Threats charges.