First-Degree Murder - Not Guilty

MJ, a 30-year-old scrap metal worker, went to a party with his cousin. The party took place outdoors in a neighborhood with a recent history of violence. MJ brought his gun with him. MJ did not know many people at the party. Another man at the party offered MJ drugs. MJ declined. The other man interpreted MJ's refusal as a sign of disrespect. The other man acted aggressively and antagonistic toward MJ at various points that night. MJ did not engage with him.

Just before midnight, MJ walked towards a secluded area so that he could urinate. The other man saw MJ leaving. He followed. The other man confronted MJ. The confrontation became hostile. The other man pulled his own gun from his waistband and pointed it at MJ. MJ pulled his gun and, while running in the opposite direction, fired nine times. 7 shots hit the other man. The other man died.

MJ was found Not Guilty at trial.