Disturbing Correctional Institution -- Not Guilty

DJ, an inmate at the Middlesex County Jail, was charged with "Disturbing a Correctional Institution" after an incident at the jail. Over Memorial day weekend, 2013 the water in the facility broke - in other words, there was no running water in the jail for 2 days. The men imprisoned had to urinate and defecate in plastic bags. Inmates in the "G" tier began protesting. The protests grew to be more serious. Some of the men toppled over their bunks and made a barricade. DJ was not one of them. At one point, the corrections officers fired pepper-filled bullets into the tier in order to subdue the inmates. A dozen or so unmates were charged in the incident. Luckily for DJ, the surveillance videos show him covering his face with a towel and placing his legal documents under his jump-suit. Otherwise, he did nothing that was "riotuous." After a bench trial, where Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Henry Fasoldt cross-examined the lead investigator, DJ was found Not Guilty.