Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin - Time Served (2 months) - Federal Court

LK, a 58-year-old grandmother, received a “time served” sentence in a multi-defendant Federal drug case. She had spent two months in jail at the beginning of the case.

Lk was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin with 12 other defendants in a case involving a large-scale drug trafficking organization. For her part, LK was accused of providing a place for the lead defendant, her son, to store and package heroin.

In 2019, DEA agents obtained permission to wiretap cell phones of various individuals. In the months leading up to LK’s arrest, agents captured multiple conversations between she and her son. Most recorded phone calls involved discussions about family matters. However, some phone calls included orders given by the son to LK to package and sell street-level amounts of drugs.

LK was arrested in May 2019. She spent the first two months of the case in jail. She was released in July 2019. The case lasted for three years, mainly because of the delays caused by COVID-19. LK pleaded guilty in February 2022. She was sentenced in July 2022. The government sought a sentence of six months in jail. Attorney Fasoldt asked the judge to impose a sentence of time served. "Time served" means that a defendant is sent to jail for a time period that equals that which he or she has already served. The judge acknowledged that it was a close call, but decided to impose the sentence requested by Attorney Fasoldt, mainly because LK is the primary caregiver for her young grandkids. Without her, the children would likely be sent to foster care.