Attaching Wrong Motor Vehicle Plates (2x) - No Complaint Issued - No entry on criminal record

Driving in their new car, a young married couple was pulled over. The officer stopped them because the license plate on the car did not match the plate to which the car was registered. The couple had purchased the vehicle less than one week prior. Having misplaced the new license plates, the husband attached license plates from another vehicle. In addition, the new car had not yet been inspected. Both husband and wife were cited for Attaching the Wrong Plates; the husband was cited for operating a car without registration.

They hired Attorney Henry Fasoldt to represent them at the Magistrate's Hearing.

Attorney Fasoldt made sure that, before the hearing, they corrected the errors. The young couple did so - they found the missing plates, attached the plates to the appropriate vehicles, and they had their car inspected.

No complaint was issued. Both individuals avoided having an entry on their criminal record.