Armed Robbery (Bank) - Dismissed

RR, a 30-year-old inmate at the State Prison, was charged with robbing a bank (the incident occurred three years prior). According to the prosecutor's office, RR had robbed three banks in 2014, but had only been prosecuted for two. This was not true. In fact, RR had been prosecuted by the Attorney General's Office for all three bank robberies. He plead guilty to all three bank robberies and received a lengthy prison sentence.

After retaining Attorney Henry Fasoldt, Henry obtained all the documents from RR's previous case. Very clearly, RR had been charged and convicted of three bank robberies. Henry brought this information to the prosecutor's office and filed a Motion to Dismiss. The prosecutor's office realized that they made a mistake. They dismissed the case.

Note: The robberies occurred in different counties. The AG's office consolidated the cases and prosecuted them in one county. The local prosecutor's office simply erred by not checking with the AG's office beforehand.